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Frequently Asked Questions

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QueerFilter is a directory of weblogs written by GLBT people. QueerFilter also collects entries from these weblogs (through their XML feeds).
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When I started blogging in 1999, there were only about 100 or so blogs. I wondered how many other GLBT bloggers there were, so I started a list. Over the years, QueerFilter has grown into the leading directory of GLBT blogs.
My name is Matt and I've been blogging since 1999. I live in NYC and live with my partner, Jeff.
If a blog has a RSS feed listed, QueerFilter will grab posts from that blog.
Unless you have registered an account on QueerFilter and specified you'd like to see them, posts from blogs marked "Not Safe for Work" should not show up (to see these posts, update your account).

If a post shows up that has a NSFW photo attached, please click on the flag icon to "Flag" the post as NSFW. This helps me to mark blogs that are NSFW.

There can be of difference of opinion of what counts as NSFW. For the purposes of this website, photos of nudity are considered NSFW.
The posts listed on the Popular page are the ones that have been clicked on the most.
If a blog post is in English, QueerFilter uses the Yahoo! Term Extraction Service to find keywords in the post. This is a service still in development, so it's not perfect! Click on the keyword to find other posts tagged with that keyword.
First, register on QueerFilter and then click on "Add a Blog."
If you have an account and registered your blog, click on "Update/Add a Blog" and then click on "delete." If your blog was added by someone else and you want it deleted, send me an email.
If you added your blog yourself, click on "Update/Add a Blog" to update the listing.

If someone else added your blog to QueerFilter, and you want to claim it so you can update the listing, register and then click on "Update/Add a Blog" to claim your blog.
Visit the ping page for information on setting your blog software up to let QueerFilter know when you've posted a new entry. If your blogging software is not capable of sending pings, QueerFilter will find your new entry within an hour as it searches all blogs for new entries.
Registering on QueerFilter is free. Doing so allows your to update blog listings and participate on the forum. Having an account allows you to create a list of Favorite blogs. Also, you can specify in your account that you'd like to see NSFW posts.

To create an account, click on "Register" at the top of the page. You need a valid email address to join.
Click on the "Log In" link at the top of the page. Or click here to log in.
You don't need to log out, but if you share a computer with someone else it's a good idea to log out when you're finished using QueerFilter. You can click the "Log Out" link at the top of most pages, or click here to log out.
If you forgot your QueerFilter password, type in your email on the Log In page and leave the password field blank. Then, click on the "Forgot my Password" button. This will generate a new password and email it to you. Log in with that new password. Then, you can Update your Account and change the random new password to something else.
QueerFilter is run on a Tektonic VPS and is programmed in PHP. I'd share the code if I could, but it's far to messy for anyone else to make sense of...

Here's a list of different programs, scripts, or services that go into making QueerFilter work...
Eh. I can only do so much. And this poor little server can only handle so much processing. Still, if you have a great idea for a new feature, let me know..
The only other big GLBT blog directory I know of is SpectrumBloggers.com.