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Cleverbot.com - a clever bot - speak to an AI with some Actual Intelligence?
Cleverbot.com - a clever bot - speak to an AI with some Actual Intelligence?: User: Wingardium leviosa!Cleverbot: Leviticorpus!User: Expecto patronum!Cleverbot: Wingardium Leviosa! User: Lumos!Cleverbot: Expecto Patronum!User: Confundabilis!Cleverbot: Protego!User: You're a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot.Cleverbot: No, you are lying about me lying about lying about lying about lying about lying....Cleverbot: Prove that you're not a computer.User: You had me at hello.Cleverbot: So ?User: A needle pulling thread!Cleverbot: Fa A note to follow So.User: No, Fa, a long long way to run.Cleverbot: Sew, a needle pulling thread.User: La, a note to follow so...Cleverbot: Tea, a drink with jam and bread.User: That will bring us back to Do, oh, oh, oh!Cleverbot: Do.User: *hugs cleverbot*.Cleverbot: *Holds hug*.User: That was fun, thank you!Cleverbot: No problem.User: Do you
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