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The Story So Far
Weekly gay and lesbian political cartoon, essays, musings on my life and my world.
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We Knew What You Are Even Before The Speech Began You Jackass…  »  The Story So Far
Marco Rubio wants to be the new look of an old song and dance… Marco Rubio defends gays, attacks gay marriage Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio acknowledged Wednesday that American history was “marred by discrimination against gays and lesbians.” But in a speech at Catholic University in Washington, Rubio drew the line sharply at marriage […] ...
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Posted:  7/24 4:42pm
This Article On Soil Conservation In Oklahoma Proves That Same Sex Unions Are Unstable…  »  The Story So Far
Over at Waking Up Now, Rob makes this catch… Regnerus Shoots His Own Foot Mark Regnerus has gotten a lot of flack lately for publicly criticizing a positive Australian report on same-sex parenting, a classic example of the pot calling the kettle incompetent. Hidden in his critique, though, is a little nugget that deserves more attention. Regnerus writes […] ...
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Posted:  7/23 7:20pm
Damage  »  The Story So Far
This came across my Facebook stream just now… Op-ed: All Gay People Are Screwed Up and It’s OK We all face a deficit for growing up LGBT in a straight world. Admitting it is the first step in making sure the next generation gets a better deal. Like the writer, Neal Broverman, it surprises me […] ...
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Posted:  7/21 11:17pm