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Gay Rights - Do You Care2?
The LGBT blog focuses on Civil Rights for gay people within the Care2 web community and beyond.
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What Is the ‘Antifa’ Movement All About?  »  Gay Rights - Do You Care2?
You may have heard the term "antifa" tossed around in news reports, perhaps referring to the "far-left" or "radical left" -- but what's actually behind this movement? In the wake of the Charlottesville, Va., white supremacist march, U.S. President Donald Trump appeared reticent to condemn on the violence and hate -- and when he comment on the event, he suggested that the situation was the result of both right-wing and left-wing, or "alt-left," extremists. A number of Trump's supporters went on to suggest that antifa had as much blame as anyone on the far right. But many Americans haven't even heard of ...
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Posted:  8/21 4:00pm
A White Moose? No, You’re Not Seeing Things  »  Gay Rights - Do You Care2?
A rare white moose is roaming the wilds of Sweden, exciting both conservationists and the world at large. Is this "ghost" moose, as it has been dubbed, one of a kind? The white moose was filmed by Hans Nilsson, a municipal councilmember in Sweden's Eda Municipality of Värmland county. Nilsson recently spoke to Sverige Radio about his preoccupation with capturing the all-white moose on camera, a task he was finally able to accomplish earlier this month. ...
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Posted:  8/20 3:00pm
Watch This Stunning Video on the History of Trans Rights in the US  »  Gay Rights - Do You Care2?
Trans people have played a vital role in key events in American history — despite the fact that they are facing erasure in our history classes and discrimination from the highest levels of the US government. A new video released by TIME attempts to highlight how trans Americans have been an integral force of change for […] ...
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Posted:  8/18 5:00pm
Energy Drink Consumption May Lead to Future Cocaine Use Among Young Adults  »  Gay Rights - Do You Care2?
At this point, the dangers of energy drinks should come as no surprise. And while many people use the caffeine-laden drinks sparingly and safely, increasing evidence shows that consumption can quickly become habitual among adolescents seeking the energy "high" the drinks can provide. ...
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Posted:  8/17 4:00pm
Can Vitamin B3 Protect Mothers from Miscarriage?  »  Gay Rights - Do You Care2?
A new health study has hit headlines, with the media claiming that additional vitamin B3 consumption could prevent millions of women from miscarrying. But there's a problem: the research did not prove this. ...
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Posted:  8/16 4:00pm