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Gay Guide/Blog for Travel to Seattle
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Fight For Healthcare This Sunday With Pramila & Bernie (In Spirit) At Westlake  »  Gay Seattle Blogspot
In the wee hours on Thursday morning, January 12th, the Republicans in the Senate began the process of killing “Obamacare” which would de-insure millions of Americans and prevent them from receiving affordable healthcare. But, Democrats, liberals and progressives are fighting back, including the group Democracy for America along with Senator Bernie Sanders and progressive leaders … ...
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Posted:  1/15 3:01am
Caitlyn Jenner Reportedly To Attend Trump Crowning  »  Gay Seattle Blogspot
Numerous media outlets are reporting that it looks like transgender activist/reality show star and Olympic gold medal winning athlete CAITLYN JENNER has indicated she will be attending the January 20th inauguration of Donald Trump as the next president of the United States. Trump, the least popular presidential election winner in U.S. history is largely reviled … ...
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Filter:  Male   Gay   WA, United States   English    
Posted:  1/14 4:41am