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Postcards from Hell's Kitchen
Clicking Into the Mind and Mutterings of a Mad Devil. Alternatively titled: "A Legend In My Own Blog"
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2005-01-25 00:00:00 
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Set the Tone: Pick up Speed  »  Postcards from Hell's Kitchen
“Just remember, when you're over the hill, you pick up speed.”- Charles M. Schultz ...
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Posted:  8/19 12:00am
Long Live The Iceman  »  Postcards from Hell's Kitchen
If someone is doing an Internet search about Kenneth Kromer, C.B. call sign KZB-4454, "The Iceman", and comes across this post... Please leave a message for me in the comments...I'm interested in contacting his son, or any survivors, just for some closure.We met in our Westview Park days with wife Mary (The Icicle) at the "Igloo Base" in 1970s Baltimore.I was a teenaged CB junkie that he took under his wing. Great pals.We stayed in touch all the way up through Ken's second marriage to Elsie and his living in PA.He was a devoted husband to both!Kenneth W. Kromer, ...
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Posted:  8/16 11:35pm