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Postcards from Hell's Kitchen
Clicking Into the Mind and Mutterings of a Mad Devil. Alternatively titled: "A Legend In My Own Blog"
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Sophisticated Cabaret with Deep Hell's Kitchen Roots at Don't Tell Mama  »  Postcards from Hell's Kitchen
I was fortunate enough to catch the opening night performance of "Just Visiting" at Don't Tell Mama last week....Sandwiched appropriately on the calendar between Mother's Day and Father's Day, this beautiful show is a tribute to each of Claudine Cassan-Jellison's courageous parents...Show is a smooth blending of cultures and styles that goes straight to the heart through her beautiful voice and authentic style with both the spoken and musical word.The performer's delivery of an amazing new song by award-winning Barry Kleinbort is worth the price of admission alone. And the Director's gift of light touch in guiding and ...
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Posted:  5/29 4:55pm
Hell's Kitchen Papaya Dog Suddenly Shuttered  »  Postcards from Hell's Kitchen
Oh no! Abrupt closing of the Papaya Dog at 42nd and Ninth Avenue. No more cheap dogs and sweet papaya drinks near the theater district in the heart of Hell's Kitchen. Certainly escalating rents and gentrification of the 'hood was responsible for this...Grub Street's Chris Crowley reports: "With its shuttering, there are now just three locations of the endangered chain left, and that number could be even smaller soon. The West Village location has been doomed since 2013, when a developer bought the building with plans to revamp the block. Another Papaya Dog in Washington Heights closed back ...
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Posted:  5/24 11:54pm
Set the Tone: Relearn Everything  »  Postcards from Hell's Kitchen
"Relearn everything. Let every moment be a new beginning." — Zen Proverb ...
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Posted:  5/23 8:30am