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Through Myself and Back Again
Negotiating the least-bumpy path I can find through life, relationships, LGBT-related stuff, post-evangelical faith, manic depression and community.
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'The language of shirkers and scroungers?' Talking about illness, disability and coalition welfare reform - Disability & Society  »  Through Myself and Back Again
Picture: protesters at today's 'Hardest Hit' march, carrying a sign which is partly written in Braille. It reads "We're being ---- by the government." Someone has written a translation of the Braille word below it: "shafted". Photo copyright Lisa Egan.Yesterday's discussion on the BBC's You and Yours was about disability, cuts and welfare reform, and featured Where's the Benefit's own Bendy Girl. Some contributors' comments offered a clear example of how attitudes to disability haven't really changed much since Victorian times - if not before. Some academic research recently published has been talking about how these ...
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Posted:  8/15 11:15am