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The Mad Professah Lectures
Musings, comments and predictions on life in Los Angeles from a proud member of the reality-based community
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QUEER QUOTE: Justice Ginsburg Gives Hints On How SCOTUS May Act In Pending Marriage Cases  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg gave some hints at apublic forum recently about how the U.S. Supreme Court may deal with the pending petitions from the 4th, 7th and 10th U.S. Circuits to resolve the question of marriage equality: Look to the 6th Circuit!Generally, the Supreme Court resolves splits between the Circuits. If the 6th Circuit rules, like all other appellate courts that have reviewed state bans on marriage equality in the last year and  a half that these laws violate the federal constitution then there would be no split to resolve and even though it's an ...
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Posted:  9/18 10:37pm
GODLESS WEDNESDAY: Bobby Jindal Gives Evasive Answers To Questions On Evolution  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
Not sure if this belongs in Godless Wednesday category but it is something I feel like I need to blog about to alert my fellow godless heathens! Governor Bobby Jindal, currently "praying about whether he will run for President in 2016" and former Rhodes Scholar (to study biology and public policy) refused multiple opportunities from reporters to say whether he believes in evolution or not.Instead, this is what Jindal said:"I'm not an evolutionary biologist"and"I will tell you, as a father, I want my kids to be taught about evolution in their schools, but secondly, I think local school ...
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Posted:  9/17 1:21pm
Mary Bonauto Wins 2014 MacArthur "Genius" Grant Of $625K  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
Mary Bonauto, one of the primary architects of the LGBT equality revolution in the courts for the last two decades in her long association with Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders, has been awarded a prestigious MacArthur Foundation "Genius" grant.Bonauto is a civil rights lawyer whose powerful arguments and long-term legal strategies have led to historic strides in the effort to achieve marriage equality for same-sex couples across the United States. The Civil Rights Project Director at Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) since 1990, much of her early work focused on adoption and parenting, censorship, ...
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Posted:  9/17 9:01am
Tennis Tuesday: Slow Part Of Season Ahead; Li Na Retirement Rumor  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
It's Tuesday so it's the day on the blog we definitely talk about Tennis. The picture associated with today's article was posted to Serena Wlliams instagram feed.It's the slowest part of the season, when both tours go to Asia and indoor hard courts, counting down to the end-of-season finales in London (ATP) and Singapore (WTA). Serena, Maria Sharapova and Simona Halep are the only players who have qualified so far, since 2014 Australian Open champion Li Na is not playing the event (and there are rumors she may be retired by then!)There are only two ATP ...
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Posted:  9/17 12:44am
EYE CANDY: Rob Evans (reprise)  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
Rob Evans has appeared as Eye Candy once before (May 16, 2011). Since then his profile has increased dramatically with his appearance on America's Next Top Model as a judge in 2012. Evans is 26-years-old and 6-foot-3. He has an impressive presence on social media outlets: Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.Enjoy! ...
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Posted:  9/15 8:32am
Equality California's 2014 List Of LGBT-Supportive Legislation  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
Equality California has a list of legislation that it has been able to get passed by the California Legislature in 2014.Modernize birth certificates: AB 1951, authored by Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez, modernizes California birth certificates by allowing parents to choose to self-designate as “father,” “mother” or “parent,” eliminating inaccurate designations and confusion for same-sex parents.Provide LGBT cultural competency for health care providers: AB 496, authored by Assemblymember Rich Gordon, clarifies that existing cultural competency training for health care providers should include discussion of LGBT issues.End the “panic” defense: AB 2501, Assemblymember Susan Bonilla, eliminates the so-called “gay panic” and “trans panic” ...
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Posted:  9/14 7:53pm
2014 DAVIS CUP: Switzerland Versus France In Final Nov 21-23  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
For the first time in 22 years, Switzerland will be competing to take the Davis Cup home. They will face France, who is competing for its 10th Davis Cup. Switzerland has World #3 Roger Federer and World #4 Stan Wawrinka while France has 4 former (and future) Top 10 players at its disposal: Gael Monfils, Gilles Simon, Richard Gasquet and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. France beat defending champions Czech Republic 4-1 this weekend while Switzerland beat Italy 3-2 with Federer contributing two singles victories while sitting out the doubles.The final will be played November 21-23. ...
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Posted:  9/14 8:40pm
SATURDAY POLITICS: Molina Announces Challenge To L.A. Councilman Huizar  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
A political earthquake is reverberating around Los Angeles with the announcement that L.A. County Supervisor Gloria Molina is going to challenge incumbent Los Angeles City councilman Jose Huizar in the March 2015 municipal primary election.The Los Angeles Times reports:With less than three months before she is termed-out after serving more than two decades as a supervisor, Molina said she isn't ready to end her work as a public servant. The 66-year-old said she was concerned about the level of city services being provided in parts of Huizar's district, which stretches from Boyle Heights to Eagle Rock. She ...
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Posted:  9/13 6:54pm