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The Mad Professah Lectures
Musings, comments and predictions on life in Los Angeles from a proud member of the reality-based community
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Texas Legislators Introduce Bill To Void Local LGBT Rights Ordinances  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
Here we go! Just as I predicted when I blogged about the Arkansas and West Virginia bills that are the new face of anti-LGBT animus in state legislatures, I said that many other red states would soon follow their homophobic lead. Today comes word that the biggest red state of them all, Texas, is planning on joining the rush to deny equal rights to LGBT citizens:A Fort Bend County Republican has introduced a bill that would bar cities from adopting or enforcing non-discrimination ordinances that include protected classes not contained in state law. Texas law ...
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Posted:  3/4 10:01am
MadProfessah Endorsements For March 3, 2015 Los Angeles Municipal Election  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
Finally, the moment you have been waiting for!  Here are MadProfessah's positions on how I will be voting in the March 3 2015 Los Angeles Municipal Primary Election, compared with endorsements from other organizations like the Los Angeles Times,  California Democratic PartyEast Area Progressive Democrats and the Los Angeles County Democratic Party. For more information about judicial candidates, check out the LA County Bar Association.The Ballot is quite short. Here are my endorsements (how I am voting) along with information about how others are encouraging you to vote.L.A. City Council MadProf LA TIMES LA CO ...
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Posted:  3/3 11:25pm
QUEER QUOTE: CA Proposed Ballot Measure Would Authorize Death Penalty For "Sodomites"  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
Wow. Now this is some pretty crazy stuff, even for heterosexual supremacists. A religious zealot has filed a proposed ballot measure called the "Sodomite Suppression Act" with the Attorney General of California that says "any person who willingly touches another person of the same gender for purpose of sexual gratification be put to death by bullets to the head or any other convenient method."Matt McLaughlin filed the measure and paid the $200 fee required to get the ballot measure in the system. He then has to collect the signatures of 5% of the votes cast for Governor ...
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Posted:  3/3 9:41pm
EYE CANDY: Stefan Williams  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
Stefan Williams is an attractive fitness model. He is active on Instagram and has been featured at Essence magazine, ManCrush blog and Morning Wood. Now he has been featured as Eye Candy! ...
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Posted:  3/2 10:45am
2015 DUBAI: Federer Beats Djokovic For 84th Career Title  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
Roger Federer beat World #1 Novak Djokovic 6-3 7-5 to win his seventh(!) Dubai Duty Free Open title and 84th ATP career title overall. Federer improved to 20-17 in his head-to-head against Djokovic, and is now 84-42 in career tournament finals. Federer has now won three titles 7 times: Halle, Wimbledon and Dubai.The match was a high quality affair with Djokovic earning 7 breakpoints but failing to convert any of them while Federer converted both of the only to breakpoints he had, one in each set. He also served incredibly well, hitting 13 aces, raising his career total over the ...
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Posted:  3/1 6:20pm
SATURDAY POLITICS: MadProfessah Urges NO Vote On *Both* Los Angeles Charter Amendments  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
The 2015 municipal primary elections in the City and County of Los Angeles are Tuesday March 3rd and yours truly has been active in the opposition to two duplicitous charter amendments that are on the ballot. The measures' supporters claim that they are intended to increase voter turnout by aligning Los Angeles' city elections with the state and presidential elections by moving the March 2021 primary election to June 2020 and the May 2021 general election to November 2020.  All future Los Angeles elections would be held every two years after that.The immediate effect would be to make ...
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Posted:  3/1 5:16am
CELEBRITY FRIDAY: Spock Is Dead :(  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
Leonard Nimoy the actor who was most famous for playing an imperturbable alien on the classic television series Star Trek, has died at the age of 83, according to the New York Times.Leonard Nimoy, the sonorous, gaunt-faced actor who won a worshipful global following as Mr. Spock, the resolutely logical human-alien first officer of the Starship Enterprise in the television and movie juggernaut “Star Trek,” died on Friday morning at his home in the Bel Air section of Los Angeles. He was 83.[...]His artistic pursuits — poetry, photography and music in addition to acting — ranged far ...
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Posted:  2/27 10:49pm
QUEER QUOTE: The Text Of What Anti-Gay Legislation Looks Like In A Post-Marriage Equality Era  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
Realizing that they have essentially completely lost the fight over marriage equality, heterosexual supremacists and homophobes and people who do not believe that LGBT people should enjoy the same civil rights as other targeted minorities have found a new way to enshrine discrimination against LGBT people in state law.Here is the text of the West Virginia's copy-cat bill of the Arkansas law that was enacted earlier this week which prohibits and invalidates any ordinance in the state that protects LGBT people from discrimination.It's called the West Virginia Intrastate Commerce Improvement Act (HB 2881) and is ...
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Posted:  2/26 9:26pm