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The Mad Professah Lectures
Musings, comments and predictions on life in Los Angeles from a proud member of the reality-based community
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EYE CANDY: Daniel Norell (black/white)  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
Daniel Norrell has appeared as Eye Candy before (August 8, 2016, December 26, 2009 and December 14, 2009). He is a model and dee-jay who lives in Stockholm, Sweden. His Model Mayhem page says he is 34 years old and 5-foot-10-inches and 185 pounds. Nice! ...
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Posted:  12/5 10:16am
Notoriously Homophobic Leader of The Gambia Defeated In Election  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
The surprising election results in 2016 keep coming. This week the little-known country of The Gambia, where Yahya Jammeh, the leader of the country for the last 22  years was defeated in an election. Jammeh is a virulent homophobe, notorious for his statements about LGBT people, especially gay men.Joe Jervis blogs:In November 2014, Jammeh made homosexuality punishable by life in prison. The following month the US dropped Gambia from an African free trade agreement in part over Jammeh’s anti-LGBT crackdown. Several months later Jammeh issued a public promise to “slit the throats” of all homosexuals, prompting a denouncement from ...
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Posted:  12/3 10:50pm
Carlsen Retains World Chess Champion Title By Winning Tiebreak  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
Wow! On his 26th birthday, Magnus Carlsen was able to defend his world chess championship title over a challenge from Russian Sergey Karjakin by winning the 4-game rapid chess (25 minutes plus 10 seconds per move) match 3-1 today. After two draws, Carlsen won the last two games, finishing the very last game with a flashy Queen sacrifice which forces mate in two moves! (Do you see it?) ...
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Posted:  12/1 6:13am
2016 World Chess Championship Tied At 6-All; Tiebreaker Games To Be Played Wednesday  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
The 2016 World Chess Championship is going on right now in New York City. The current champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway, who turns 26 on Wednesday while the challenger is Sergey Karjakin is already 26 and was born in the Ukraine but is representing Russia.After 12 games (with only 2 decisive games, Karjakin won game 8 with Black while Carlsen won game 10 with white) the two are tied with 6 points each. On Wednesday, they will play in several short tiebreaker games to decide who the new World Champion is. Carlsen is expected to have ...
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Posted:  11/30 12:51am