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The Mad Professah Lectures
Musings, comments and predictions on life in Los Angeles from a proud member of the reality-based community
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TENNIS TUESDAY: Kerber Soars To #2; Venus Returns To Indian Wells; Federer Has Knee Surgery  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
KERBER SOARS TO #2 FOLLOWING 2016 AUSSIE OPEN TITLEAfter winning her first major title by surprisingly defeating Serena Williams in 3 tight sets in the 2016 Australian Open women's final on Saturday January 27th, the #7 seed jumped to World #2 in the rankings. The German player became the first woman from her country since Steffi Graf to win a major title, and the first to reach so high in the rankings. Her win also denied Serna her chance to match Graf's career major title haul of 22.VENUS WILLIAMS ANNOUNCES RETURN TO INDIAN WELLS!One year after her sister ...
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Posted:  2/10 9:40am
EYE CANDY: Jovan Rumble  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
I noticed pictures of Jovan Rumble in my Twitter feed. He is on twitter @jovan_rumble and also has  a Facebook page. He is available for stripograms and to entertain at private events, in the Birmingham (England) area. That's about all I know about him but what I see so far clearly qualifies him to be eye candy! ...
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Posted:  2/8 10:05am
Science Publishes Article Calling For Elimination Of Racial Categories In Genetics Research  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
In an important article titled "Taking race out of human genetics" published in Science magazine today, a team of researchers argues that "the use of biological concepts of race in human genetic research—so disputed and so mired in confusion—is problematic at best and harmful at worst. It is time for biologists to find a better way."I have often taught classes which include the idea(s) that the identity characteristics of sex, gender, race, sexual orientation are socially constructed. This does not mean that these categories are not real, but that these characteristics are not innate, fixed, "natural" properties ...
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Posted:  2/6 6:12am