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The Mad Professah Lectures
Musings, comments and predictions on life in Los Angeles from a proud member of the reality-based community
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WATCH: Trailer for Alan Turing Drama The Imitation Game Starring Benedict Cumberbatch  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
There's finally going to be a big Hollywood movie about gay icon Alan Turing released this year. It's called The Imitation Game and it stars Benedict Cumberbatch (BBC's Sherlock, Star Trek Into Darkness). The trailer is out now. The film will be released November 21, 2014. ...
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Posted:  7/22 8:13am
Rep. David Jolly (FL-13) Becomes 8th Republican To Endorse Marriage Equality  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
Congressman David Jolly, Republican of Florida, became just the 8th member of his party currently serving in Congress to endorse marriage equality today. Just like Congressman Charlie Den of Pennsylvania did this past May, Rep. Jolly announced his position in light of a recent ruling striking down his state's ban on marriage equality.Last week, a state judge struck down Florida's state constitutional ban on marriage equality. (Since it was just a state judge, and only applied in one county, I didn't even cover the news here at MadProfessah.com). No same-sex couples were able to ...
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Posted:  7/22 3:36am
President Obama Signs LGBT Executive Order!  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
President Barack Obama signed an executive order prohibiting discrimination against LGBT people in employment by federal contractors at 10:47am EDT this morning.Here's what he said:REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT AT SIGNING OF EXECUTIVE ORDERON LGBT WORKPLACE DISCRIMINATION East Room 10:39 A.M. EDT       THE PRESIDENT:  Welcome to the White House, everybody.  I know I'm a little late.  But that's okay because we've got some big business to do here.Many of you have worked for a long time to see this day coming.  You organized, you spoke up, you signed petitions, you sent letters -- I know because I got a ...
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Posted:  7/21 8:37pm
EYE CANDY: Darius Williams (black and white)  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
Darius Williams has appeared as Eye Candy once before (February  24, 2014). I don't really have much information about Mr. Williams except that he appears (to me) to be African-American and that these pictures were taken by noted photographer Joseph Bleu.Enjoy! ...
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Posted:  7/21 8:20am
Obama Will Sign Executive Order Extending LGBT Discrimination Protections To Millions of Americans  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
President Barack Obama will sign an executive order that will effectively add LGBT workplace protections to some 28 million American workers on Monday. The President will issue an executive order that amends the executive order (11246) that extended discrimination protections to federal contractors, i.e. businesses that have contracts to do work with the federal government, to include sexual orientation and gender identity. This will protect all LGBT workers at federal contractors. The Williams Institute estimates that 11 million people will be protected from sexual orientation discrimination and another 14 million will be protected from gender identity ...
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Posted:  7/21 3:03am
QUEER QUOTE: Attorney General Holder Declares DOJ Will Affirm Marriage Bans Are Unlawful  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
Attorney General Eric Holder has made news saying that if (really, at this point, the question is when, not if) the United States Supreme Court hears a case questioning whether a state ban on same-sex marriage violates the federal constitution, the Department of Justice will weigh in on  the side of marriage equality. This is important (and encouraging) news because the U.S. Supreme Court often wants to know what the position of the federal government is on questions of the U.S. constitution, even if a state law is under consideration.This is what Holder said on a ...
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Posted:  7/21 12:20am
SATURDAY POLITICS: Pérez Ends Recount Effort, Concedes Defeat To Yee In State Controller Race  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
One of the closest electoral battles in California history ended Friday when John Pérez ended his bid for a recount and conceded that he had placed 3rd in the June 2014 primary, a mere 481 votes (out of more than 4 million balllots cast)  behind 2nd place finisher Democrat Betty Yee. Pérez continued insistence on a recount was roiling Democratic circles especially since he had failed to pick up many votes and since the Secretary of State had estimated that a full hand recount of all the votes could have taken until early 2015 (2 months after ...
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Posted:  7/19 4:37pm
CELEBRITY FRIDAY: Sharapova, Dimitrov, Stephens At ESPYS  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
Sloane Stephens, Maria Sharapova and Grigor Dimitrov all attended the ESPYS this week, where Sharapova beat out Serena Williams, Li Na, Agnieska Radwanska for the Best Female Tennis Player ESPY. Rafael Nadal won the ESPY for Best Male Tennis Player. ...
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Posted:  7/18 8:32pm
Science Magazine Has Special Issue On HIV/AIDS This Week  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
The most prestigious scientific journal in the world has a special issue on HIV/AIDS this week, with a cover devoted to an article about transgender sex workers in Jakarta (pictured above). Next week, the 20th International AIDS Conference is being held in Melbourne, Australia.Hopefully the news on progress in the fights against AIDS/HIV will be good in the next few weeks! ...
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Posted:  7/17 7:37pm
BOOK REVIEW: Cibola Burn by James S.A. Corey  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
The fourth book in The Expanse series by James S.A. CoreyCibola Burn, was released on June 17, 2014 and I devoured it in three days. Things are going well for Corey right now as earlier this year it was announced that SyFy has decided to make a television series out of The Expanse books, ordering a first season of 10 episodes, describing it as their "most ambitious" series and "Game of Thrones in space." Then, just a few weeks after Book 4 (Cibola Burn) of the series was published, they learned that Book 3 ...
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Posted:  7/17 9:43am
GODLESSS WEDNESDAY: Cosmos Earned 12 Emmy Nominations  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
Good news for the forces of enlightenment fighting the irrational beliefs of religion and "god-fearing" folks. The television series Cosmos has earned 12 primetime Emmy nominations. Friendly Atheist summarizes them:
  • Outstanding Art Direction For Variety, Nonfiction, Reality or Reality-Competition Program
  • Outstanding Cinematography For Nonfiction Programming
  • Outstanding Directing For Nonfiction Programming
  • Outstanding Picture Editing For Nonfiction Programming
  • Outstanding Music Composition For A Series (Original Dramatic Score)
  • Outstanding Main Title Design
  • Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music
  • Outstanding Documentary Or Nonfiction Series
  • Outstanding Sound Editing For Nonfiction Programming (Single Or Multi-Camera)
  • Outstanding Sound Mixing For Nonfiction Programming
  • Outstanding Special And Visual Effects
  • Outstanding Writing For Nonfiction Programming
The original Cosmos: A Personal Voyage earned ...
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Posted:  7/16 5:02pm