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imagination is intelligence with an erection
thoughts, ruminations, and general whatever from the moderately acclaimed and ridiculously prolific writer and editor M.Christian, a literary streetwalker with a heart of gold
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2007-05-24 00:00:00 
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Relationships And The Scene Discussion/Support Group @ SF Citadel  »  imagination is intelligence with an erection
(From M.Christian's Classes And Appearances)Just wanted to share the cool news that the next Relationships And The Scene: A Discussion/Support Group is coming up on Monday, October 27th, at the SF Citadel.#Occasionally people in "The Scene" forget that they are not just dealing with sexual play but human interactions and relationships as well. In this discussion and support group, participants will be encouraged to share their experiences in an open environment to receive support and understanding from others who may have experienced the same, or just similar, situations.You're welcome to pack snacks/dinner and munch during the discussion!Time: ...
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Posted:  10/24 10:09pm