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A Celebration of Film for Gay and Gay-Friendly Movie Fans
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Dearest… Outrageous Fortune  »  Movie Dearest
Not much has changed.The hilariously hedonistic escapades of Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone have been a gay fave since Ab Fab made its television debut 25 years ago. Their unique brand of bawdy bad behavior has finally made the leap to cinemas in the flashy, fun and fashionably late Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie.Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley are back in their iconic roles, along with just about every actor who ever appeared on the TV show (Lulu! Gran! Baby Spice!), not to mention a slew of celebrity cameos, from Jon Hamm to Dame Edna to Rebel Wilson. ...
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Posted:  1/15 5:00pm
Dearest… 2016: Science Fiction Double Features  »  Movie Dearest
 Movie Dearest continues its look back at 2016, this time with a pair of fortuitous double features featuring the two most enduring sci-fi franchises of all time.…For the Love of Spock: Leonard Nimoy’s son Adam Nimoy directs this (expectedly) loving homage to his late father and the still iconic character that he brought to life half a century ago. All the expected Trek cast members, past and present, make appearances, plus celebrity fans such as Jim Parsons, both in and out of character as Sheldon Cooper. A fitting tribute to a Vulcan and the man who played ...
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Posted:  1/14 5:00pm
2016 Dorian Awards Basking in Moonlight's Glow  »  Movie Dearest
Moonlight Nominations for the 8th Annual Dorian Awards by the Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association (GALECA)* were announced yesterday, with recent Golden Globe winners and Oscar hopefuls Moonlight and La La Land leading the way.As expected, the powerful coming of age drama Moonlight dominated the nominations with seven, including Film of the Year and LGBTQ Film of the Year, while the modern musical La La Land landed six. Joining these two in the Film of the Year category are the contemporary drama Manchester by the Sea, which picked up four nominations total, the Jacqueline Kennedy biopic Jackie and the ...
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Posted:  1/13 5:00pm
Dearest... 2016: Animaniacs  »  Movie Dearest
 Animated films proved to be some of 2016’s best and, in one case, worst.…Zootopia:A world of talking animals didn’t sound at first like anything new, let alone special. Boy, was I wrong. Disney dug deep into just what a civilization like that would be like, creating a land not unlike our own with class and racial distinctions and all the complications those entail. And if that sounds a bit heavy, Zootopia is also clever, smart, charming and funny. Most of the animated fare out there these days would be happy to claim to be just one of ...
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Posted:  1/11 5:00pm
Dearest… 2016: Comedy Tonight  »  Movie Dearest
Movie Dearest continues its look back at last year in film with some of the comedies of 2016.…Pee-wee’s Big Holiday: It’s taken over thirty years (?!) and several scandals, but we finally got back the Pee-wee Herman we know and love in this pseudo-sequel to the beloved classic Pee-wee’s Big Adventure. And as a bonus, this time the homoeroticism is front and center (hoyay!), with the plot revolving around the unconventional bromance between Pee-wee and hunky Magic Mike star Joe Manganiello as… Joe Manganiello; never before have you seen an actor commit so fully to spoofing himself. ...
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Posted:  1/10 5:00pm