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A Celebration of Film for Gay and Gay-Friendly Movie Fans
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Reverend's Preview: Celebrate Your Lifestyle at the Newport Beach Film Festival  »  Movie Dearest
There is no shortage of unique lifestyles in Southern California. There is also no shortage of film festivals but only one, the Newport Beach Film Festival (NBFF), has a stated dedication to reflecting as much diversity as possible. Its 16th annual edition will take place April 23rd-30th at multiple venues in and around its host city.More than 53,000 people attended one or more screenings during last year’s event. Past festivals have drawn such filmmakers and celebrities as John Waters, Alan Arkin, Aaron Sorkin, Penelope Spheeris and Michael C. Hall to Orange County. Founded in 1999, ...
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Posted:  4/17 3:00pm
MD Reviews: CockTale  »  Movie Dearest
Not that I'm complaining, but there sure are a lot of penis documentaries popping up lately. From 2013's Unhung Hero and Dick: The Documentary to last year's The Final Member and The Dickumentary, one could safely assume that a certain subset of modern documentarians are obsessed with the male sexual organ. From their nudge-nudge-wink-wink(ie) titles and implied full montys, these dick docs lure you in with your lurid assumptions but before you know it, you've learned a thing or two about our friend John Thomas. But just how much is there to know? ...
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Posted:  4/15 3:00pm
MD Review: The Two Jakes  »  Movie Dearest
 Thanks to a little movie called Brokeback Mountain (not to mention beefcake roles in Jarhead and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time), Jake Gyllenhaal will always be a favorite of gay audiences. But as his performances in Zodiac and Prisoners further proved, our Jake is also one of his generation's finest actors, able to create complex and compelling characters regardless of his matinee idol looks. In his two latest movies, the moody morality tale Nightcrawler and the psychological thriller Enemy, Gyllenhaal adds two (or is it three?) fascinating portrayals to his growing ...
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Posted:  4/12 3:00pm