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Out Impact
Out Impact is your Gay Online Magazine for gay men and women in the LGBTQ community and our allies, encouraging readers to create a positive impact in the gay community. Our content focuses on activism/philanthropy; expert advice for your professional life; pet care by leading experts; a yoga/wellness column in health, spirituality and wellness; as well as columns in food, comics, fashion, an expert travel specialist; engaging features in the arts and more. We have movie, music and book reviews, as well as the latest interviews. Out Impact also produces events benefiting various non-profits around the country, as well as comprehensive media campaigns to raise awareness for various philanthropic causes while bridging the non-profit, activism, artistic and gay communities. OutImpact.com - Making a positive impact in the gay community. Make yours.
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Kylie Minogue – “Kiss Me Once”  »  Out Impact
by Alexander Wu (Out Impact on FacebookOut Impact on Twitter) After several years since her last full album, Kylie Minogue (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram) is back! Coming out with her first album in 1988, Kiss Me Once is her twelfth release. Citing Katy Perry, Destiny’s Child, and Lady Gaga as few of her many influences, you can definitely hear her inspiration and her own originality in this album. In recent months, pop music has continued to top the charts, and this album is another powerhouse in the genre. With an ...
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Posted:  4/13 6:27pm