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Sony Pictures caves in by shelving ‘The Interview’  »  popbytes
After having most of their new movies and personal emails leaked by North Korean hackers, and being threatened with violence, Sony Pictures decided last night to cancel the upcoming release of The Interview. I know you’ve probably already heard all of that, but I figured I’d do a quick recap before we jump into the meat of this post. The complete story, as reported by Variety … “Sony Pictures has no further release plans for the film,” a spokesman said Wednesday. The studio issued the statement a few hours after pulling the planned Christmas Day ...
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Posted:  12/19 2:40am
Music Video: St. Vincent’s “Birth In Reverse”  »  popbytes
Thanks to the never-ending supply of “album of the year” lists being published again, St. Vincent is getting one last victory lap before we jump into a new calendar year. And rightly she should, because St. Vincent (the album, not the artist or the movie) really does deserve to be ranked in the upper tier. Anyway, now’s probably as good a time as any to release the music video for her single, “Birth In Reverse,” in which she serves high-fashion alien goddess supermodel realness. ...
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Posted:  12/19 2:30am
Christina Hendricks cast in Showtime’s ‘Roadies’  »  popbytes
True story here: When I was a teenager, back when I had long hippy hair, one of the guys I worked with used to tell me that I looked like the kid from 2000’s Almost Famous. I had absolutely no idea if that was a compliment or just an observation in general; I just liked the attention. Anyway, I ended up watching it and it turns out Almost Famous (directed by Cameron Crowe_ was actually one of the best movies ever made. I say this because Crowe is going back to the travelling musician well for Roadies, a new ...
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Posted:  12/18 2:30am
Take look inside the world of Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’  »  popbytes
You know what’s weird? We’re less than two week away from Christmas (less in fact, so now would be an excellent time to start panicking) and there absolutely zero feel-good Xmas movies out right now. The closest we have is Kirk Cameron‘s latest failure Saving Christmas, and that’s about as feel-good as accidentally stabbing your tongue on a sharpened candy cane. So with that in mind, let’s fill the void with the latest trailer for Pixar’s Inside Out, which like all Pixar movies, looks absolutely delightful and should do a good job of banishing the bah ...
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Posted:  12/16 2:40am
‘What The Butler Saw’ will have you in stitches!  »  popbytes
There’s only nine performances left of English playwright Joe Orton‘s 1969 farce, What The Butler Saw, at Center Theatre Group’s Mark Taper Forum, located in DTLA’s Music Center. I saw the play a couple of weeks ago on its official opening night and without a doubt it was one of the most hilarious plays I’ve ever seen–I absolutely LOVED it. The fun starts off with a psychiatrist (played by Charles Shaughnessy of The Nanny fame) trying to seduce his potential new secretary (Sarah Manton). After talking her into getting undressed, ...
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Posted:  12/15 1:52am