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Queen of the Surf Pirates
The Place for the Latest Outer Banks Surfing Info, Beach News and more all brought to you from Nags Head in the Outer Banks of North Carolina by a Genuine Lesbian Surfer Mom Who Generally Talks Out of Her Butt About All Sorts of Stuff, A Really Smart Dog Who Writes His Own Daily Outer Banks Surf Report and A Couple of Really Cute Twin Surfer Babies
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2007-07-28 00:00:00 
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Sammy's Back  »  Queen of the Surf Pirates
Mornin Surfin Dude and Dudette People this is Sammy the Surf Dog with Ur Outer Banks Surfin Report . My momma has been all busy writtin her New Site site but I think that site is really borin cos they never talk about gettin birds or playin Frisbee or surfin or dog treats or nothin. So I don't like to read it.So if my momma ain't gonna write this blog no more then I guess I will. So startin today this now the Sammy the Surf Dogs Blog and I is gonna be tellin you all about ...
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Posted:  11/18 10:30am