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Ron's Log
Ron's personal web log that includes photography, libertarianism, gay issues, politics, as well as generally sarcastic and cynical views on the state of everything.
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The Tamir Rice Shooting  »  Ron's Log
The security camera video of the shooting of Tamir Rice. The first seven minutes show what looks like a bored kid just hanging around waiting for something to happen. Shortly past the 7-minute mark the police arrive on the scene. Questions for cops with experience. How often do dangerous shooters calmly stroll up to the point where you are going to stop your police car? If you are responding to a report of a man with a gun, do you drive right up to that man and stop within only a very few feet? What's the minimum amount of ...
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Posted:  11/27 4:51am
DHS Planning Commission - 11/26/2014 - a quick report  »  Ron's Log
6:18 PM the meeting began late because Commissioner Parker was late. Less than 2 minutes later Commissioner Gray proposed an urgency item for the agenda. It would be to select a new Chair. One of the requirements for an urgency item is that the matter came to the attention of the Commission some time after the agenda was published. Former Chair Gerardi announced his resignation from the Commission well before November 20, so this could not possibly be an urgency item. But that determination is to be determined by the Commission. Attorney Quintanilla was present, but he wasn't going to stop ...
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Posted:  11/26 2:03pm
New At Cabot's Pueblo  »  Ron's Log
BIG CHANGES at the PUEBLO New Tour - New Experience Announcing our new Signature Tour beginning on December 2nd. You'll experience Cabot's Pueblo Museum in a whole new way! There is so much to learn about the man responsible for the settling of the Coachella Valley. Do you think the Valley would be the same if Cabot hadn't made it his home? New rooms open to the pubic for viewing! Many haven't been open in decades. Cabot's Office and Artist sleeping quarters and drawing space are open for viewing. More rooms will be open soon! Walk around the beautiful grounds. We've been ...
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Posted:  11/26 11:09am
The Future Has Arrived  »  Ron's Log
This...THIS is the genuine, real, official poster for the current crew on the International Space Station. Your jetpack and flying car will be available for pick-up in the first week of December. The crew includes two Americans, three Russians and one from the European Space Agency who is, to be specific, Italian. Have I mentioned that the ISS will be landing on the Black Rock Desert next August? Oh yeah, you gotta be there. ...
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Posted:  11/26 1:42am
Mission Creek Preserve  »  Ron's Log
While Joshua Tree National Park is our literal backyard, we do have another backyard over in the Mission Creek Preserve (not to slight our yet-another backyard in the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve). Yesterday, "Nobody Hikes In L.A." (a website dedicated to disproving its title) did a bit on the Mission Creek Preserve. The author describes the popular hike from the gate to the Pacific Crest Trail down in Whitewater Canyon. ...
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Posted:  11/26 1:18am
Great Los Angeles Walk 2014  »  Ron's Log
This year's Great Los Angeles Walk was all in the San Fernando Valley, proceeding from Warner Center mostly along Ventura Boulevard easterly to Lankershim Boulevard and then north to the North Hollywood Red/Orange Lines station. The organizer measured it at 17.12 miles, but I think his distances are car miles and, therefore, straighter and shorter than pedestrian wandering miles. My GPS said my mileage was 18.8. All of it was in Los Angeles proper, but the neighborhoods included Woodland Hills, Tarzana, Encino, Sherman Oaks, Studio City and North Hollywood. The route also traversed this neighborhood I've marked ...
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Posted:  11/24 6:45am
The Votes Are In  »  Ron's Log
The final results for this month's election have been posted. Here are the numbers for the three tax measures in Desert Hot Springs. Measure HH (MJ cultivation tax)Yes2,10267.76%No1,00032.2%Total3,102100% Measure II (Tax on sales of MJ)Yes2,24272.23%No86227.77%Total3,104100% Measure JJ (Sales tax)Yes1,37144.04%No1,74255.96%Total3,113100% The small difference in outcomes for HH and II is a little curious. Were there thoughtful people who supported the tax on cultivation, but opposed the tax on sales? Or was there some sort of confusion? ...
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Posted:  11/22 5:15pm
Trust But Verify  »  Ron's Log
Sure, the South Coast Air Quality Management District has put up a new air quality sensor in Desert Hot Springs, but they're the gummint and who trusts them. Why not stick up your very own air quality sensor? Friday, November 21, the SCAQMD will host a conference called "My Air Quality: Using Sensors to Know What’s in Your Air." The workshop will be at their HQ in Diamond Bar from 9 AM to 5 PM that day. Manufacturers have begun marketing air monitoring sensors to measure air pollution, and local environmental groups and the public are considering ...
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Posted:  11/20 11:41pm