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Ron's Log
Ron's personal web log that includes photography, libertarianism, gay issues, politics, as well as generally sarcastic and cynical views on the state of everything.
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Save Money On Not-A-GoPro  »  Ron's Log
Amazon's deal of the day today (and that means March 4, 2015) is big discounts on SONY AS100 action cameras and accessories. This is one of those of cameras that, when it appeared on the market, was heralded as some sort of competition for GoPro. The one thing you can say for sure about those GoPro competitors is that within twelve months they'll be unloading their product at deep discounts. And here we are! For instance. The Sony HDRAS100V/W Video Camera is available for $150, that's half off! They're even discounting the Sony 64GB microSDXC Class 10 ...
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Posted:  3/4 8:30pm
Illinois Government  »  Ron's Log
Under the laws of the State of Illinois, one medical marijuana cultivation site can be permitted in "District 11" (you can see a map of those districts here) which covers 5 counties and includes East St. Louis. A business calling itself Progressive Treatment Solutions submitted an application for such a cultivation site to the Illinois Department of Agriculture. Now, the City Council of East St. Louis wants to approve the zoning for that cultivation facility without letting the public know where it will be. The linked article explains the positions and attitudes of all parties, but ...
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Posted:  3/3 10:24pm
Stay Over At Leonardo DiCaprio's Place  »  Ron's Log
The Dinah Shore house (by Donald Wexler) that was purchased by Leonardo DiCaprio can be rented starting at $4,500. Here's where you can make your reservations and learn all about the house. The Google map view. ...
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Posted:  3/3 11:43pm
Not Missing It  »  Ron's Log
Boston Virtual Imaging sent someone out with a drone and a camera to document the snow in Boston. They made a tour of some of the major tourist highlights in central Boston: In order of appearance:
  • Charlestown (Bunker Hill)
  • Public Garden
  • Boston Common/Beacon Hill
  • Commonwealth Avenue/Back Bay
  • Fenway Park
  • Beacon Hill or maybe Charlestown again - hard to tell when you're up that close, although the unusual house one sees on the left will identify it for someone who knows Boston better than I - but I'm betting heavily on Beacon Hill
  • Charles River/The Esplanade (Hatch Shell)
  • Waterfront/Harbor Hotel/that thing that used to be an elevated highway
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Posted:  3/3 11:18pm
We Must Suffer For The Sake Of The Bunnies  »  Ron's Log
Do you suppose the DEA is getting a bit desperate when one of its agents testifies that legal medical marijuana could suppress a rabbit's instinct to run from danger. You might think it's funny, but consider how hungry the poor coyotes will be if rabbits become extinct. [DEA special agent Matt] Fairbanks said that at some illegal marijuana grow sites he saw "rabbits that had cultivated a taste for the marijuana. ..." He continued: "One of them refused to leave us, and we took all the marijuana around him, but his natural instincts to run were somehow gone." I think ...
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Posted:  3/3 4:03am
Aerial Photos  »  Ron's Log
Black Rock City 2014 - I don't think I've seen it like this with such saturated color! I don't recall it all being as bright as this photo. The dust does tend to soften the colors, you know. This photo comes from this page of 21 brightly colored straight-down aerial photos of human made structures. ...
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Posted:  3/2 11:46pm
The Wednesday Holiday  »  Ron's Log
Here we have the Burning Man calendar with all of the holidays highlighted. Those are the Burning of the Man (red dates) and the Burnal Equinox (green date) which comes halfway between the red dates. IOW, this is your alert, if you haven't started preparations for your Burnal Equinox celebration, you still have a little time. Traditional celebrations usually include putting some shit together and then burning that shit up. If you add Kraft processed cheese food it's even better. March 5 is when you can begin to panic for this year's burn. ...
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Posted:  3/1 11:51pm
If I Had A GoPro Hero 3, 3+ or 4  »  Ron's Log
I'd be all over this. A super-extended battery for those camera models. As I write this, there are still a few rewards available which will get you one of these batteries for $1 + $6 shipping! Once those are gone, you'll have to donate $35 to get one of the batteries. This is a Kickstarter campaign and it has far exceeded its goal. I found this video to be a little confusing. The Limefuel Epic is a battery backpack. The Limefuel Epic on its own is said to be able to power your GoPro for 7 to ...
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Posted:  3/1 3:37am
Record Price For A F.L. Wright House  »  Ron's Log
The John Storer Residence at 8161 Hollywood Blvd has sold for $6.8 million. Google map. Wikipedia. From Crosby Doe Associates: By the early 1980s, the house had fallen into a dilapidated condition before being acquired in 1984 for $800,000 by motion picture producer Joel Silver. Silver, who has produced such films as Lethal Weapon, Die Hard and The Matrix, began a restoration project in 1984. The restoration was carried out under the supervision of Wright's grandson, Eric Lloyd Wright, and Martin Eli Weil, past president of the Los Angeles Conservancy. One of the ...
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Posted:  2/27 11:00am