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Ron's Log
Ron's personal web log that includes photography, libertarianism, gay issues, politics, as well as generally sarcastic and cynical views on the state of everything.
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Great Los Angeles Walk 2014  »  Ron's Log
This year's Great Los Angeles Walk was all in the San Fernando Valley, proceeding from Warner Center mostly along Ventura Boulevard easterly to Lankershim Boulevard and then north to the North Hollywood Red/Orange Lines station. The organizer measured it at 17.12 miles, but I think his distances are car miles and, therefore, straighter and shorter than pedestrian wandering miles. My GPS said my mileage was 18.8. All of it was in Los Angeles proper, but the neighborhoods included Woodland Hills, Tarzana, Encino, Sherman Oaks, Studio City and North Hollywood. The route also traversed this neighborhood I've marked ...
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Posted:  11/24 6:45am
The Votes Are In  »  Ron's Log
The final results for this month's election have been posted. Here are the numbers for the three tax measures in Desert Hot Springs. Measure HH (MJ cultivation tax)Yes2,10267.76%No1,00032.2%Total3,102100% Measure II (Tax on sales of MJ)Yes2,24272.23%No86227.77%Total3,104100% Measure JJ (Sales tax)Yes1,37144.04%No1,74255.96%Total3,113100% The small difference in outcomes for HH and II is a little curious. Were there thoughtful people who supported the tax on cultivation, but opposed the tax on sales? Or was there some sort of confusion? ...
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Posted:  11/22 5:15pm
Trust But Verify  »  Ron's Log
Sure, the South Coast Air Quality Management District has put up a new air quality sensor in Desert Hot Springs, but they're the gummint and who trusts them. Why not stick up your very own air quality sensor? Friday, November 21, the SCAQMD will host a conference called "My Air Quality: Using Sensors to Know What’s in Your Air." The workshop will be at their HQ in Diamond Bar from 9 AM to 5 PM that day. Manufacturers have begun marketing air monitoring sensors to measure air pollution, and local environmental groups and the public are considering ...
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Posted:  11/20 11:41pm
Montana, No Stay  »  Ron's Log
Federal Judge Brian Morris has declared Montana's ban on same sex marriage to be unconstitutional. Much of the reasoning is based on Latta v. Otter, which is binding in the 9th Circuit. The decision issued today included no stay, so marriage licenses should be flowing now. Judge Morris is a new one. He was appointed to the seat last year and confirmed by the Senate in December 2013. Before this position he was on the Montana Supreme Court, an elected position. ...
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Posted:  11/20 9:37am
DHS Animal Hospital Offering Discount Services  »  Ron's Log
The Animal Hospital of Desert Hot Springs is proud to announce a new service we're providing to accommodate the needs of residents throughout the Coachella Valley so they can comply with Riverside County Animal Licensing requirements at an affordable price. What we provide by appointment is a three service bundled package at competitive and affordable pricing. This package includes Spaying or Neutering, Microchip and Rabies Vaccination. Riverside County Animal Licensing requires these procedures for all dogs. We also offer a similar special bundled package for cats. Dogs (Spay/Neuter, Microchip & Rabies Vaccine) 1-25 lbs: $150.00 26-50 lbs: $160.00 51-75 lbs: $170.00 76-100 lbs: ...
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Posted:  11/19 9:55am
Indian Canyon Curve  »  Ron's Log
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Posted:  11/19 2:11am
Harvard Beats Yale  »  Ron's Log
Maybe the title should be "Social Advice For Those Who Refuse To Watch The NFL." The movie is Harvard Beats Yale 29-29. Available on disc from Netflix or you can stream it from Hulu. If you are one of those people who can't stand watching NFL football, but have been socially ensnared into a group of friends that do that and you don't have the spine or cojones to abandon your friends, then my suggestion may be for you. Harvard Beats Yale 29-29 is a movie about football (and Vietnam and the Ivy League and "Doonesbury" and Meryl ...
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Posted:  11/18 1:53am