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Aitor Mateo for KOOSS Magazine : HQ images  »  ..Homotrophy ::: Gay à la carte..
  Photographed by Natalia Aguilera, here’s Aitor Mateo in a lovely editorial entitled “Just Passing Through” for KOOSS Magazine No. 3 [click image to enlarge]. [Click here+] to view other lovely articles featuring Aitor Mateo [Click here+] to view other lovely editorials around the world   Copyright © 2009 Please visit www.homotrophy.com (Digital Fingerprint:) ...
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Posted:  2/27 4:01am
BOOK REVIEW: City of Blades by Robert Jackson Bennett  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
A solid 4.0 stars.I was somewhat ambivalent about the first book in The Divine Cities trilogy, City of Stairs, and as I stated in my review I almost quit reading the book (more than once), primarily due what I thought was the slow progress of plot developments. In my opinion, the most attractive aspect of the City of Stairs (and it is also an important feature of its sequel, City of Blades) is the intricate world-building and the atmospheric setting of the books.In City of Blades the action starts almost immediately (really from the very first chapter). I never ...
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Posted:  2/27 2:07am
Wintertime wanderings  »  Sticky Crows
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Posted:  2/27 2:29am
Cole Escola Gets A Job  »  TV Trick
In episode one, season two, of Jeffery & Cole Casserole, Jeffery Self and Cole Escola presented the first course in their sophomore season, and it didn't taste good. There's always a danger when a creative team does a sequel to a popular piece that they will not understand well enough what worked before and they will drop or change essential elements of what made it good. Even worse, by overplaying what they think made it a success, they can become just caricatures of what had been before. Unfortunately, these things seem to have occurred, and the casserole has gotten really ...
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Posted:  2/27 3:30am
Dima Gornovskyi by Sonny Tong  »  Oh yes I am
Dima Gornovskyi photographed by Sonny Tong.Click here to read the rest of the post ...
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Posted:  2/27 3:00am
Wendy Ho’s New Song Has Us Reaching for a Selfie Stick (Video)  »  Unicorn Booty Gay Blog
Wendy Ho’s New Song Has Us Reaching for a Selfie Stick (Video) Is the selfie stick the greatest tool of our generation? If you ask Wendy Ho — best known for her filthy mouth and NSFW song parodies — it definitely ranks up there. So much so that she’s dedicated her latest song, a parody of Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” called “Selfie Stick,” to the contraption. Sure, many people consider selfies to be the downfall of modern civilization — a citizenry more concerned with duck lips than current events can’t be good, and some studies even link selfie-obsession to ...
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Posted:  2/27 12:05am
MadProfessah is in San Diego  »  The Mad Professah Lectures
This is actually San Diego in the background, taken at the Cabrillo National Monument. ...
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Posted:  2/27 12:15am
Was James Buchanan Our First Gay President, and Have There Been More?  »  Unicorn Booty Gay Blog
Was James Buchanan Our First Gay President, and Have There Been More? It was around the time Barack Obama was running for re-election that Newsweek ran a cover declaring him “The First Gay President.” At the time, they were referring to his many actions to secure equal rights for LGBTs, from supporting marriage equality to establishing a national AIDS strategy. It’s a cute little joke, and a callback to when Bill Clinton was dubbed the country’s first black president. But wait, have we really never had a gay president before? We know there haven’t been any openly gay presidents, but evidence suggests that various ...
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Posted:  2/26 10:49pm
Republicans Torment Queer People with States’ Rights Hypocrisy  »  Unicorn Booty Gay Blog
Republicans Torment Queer People with States’ Rights Hypocrisy If there’s one shtick Republicans consistently count on, it’s crowing about protecting individuals from “big government.” But with the unpredictable and unprincipled Donald Trump administration now in power, the party’s dedication to dismantling governmental authority is being put to the test with an unlikely conflict — and now the GOP is going to have to decide which they dislike more, the government or queer people. When the government protects LGBTs, Republicans can be counted on to oppose any federal initiative that requires due process and equal rights, even when that initiative is the U.S. Constitution itself. But when ...
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Posted:  2/26 11:08pm
Untitled  »  Homer's World
Two weeks ago my friend Jose was killed in a car accident. He was 33. I had not seen him in person for a while, but had been recently thinking that we should go have dinner together and catch up.Jose worked at a dentist's office. He had the biggest, prettiest smile on his tiny, 5 ft 1 inch body. He was fun to be around. Always smiling. Really wish I had called him up and spent time with him, but what can you do?Lately I haven't been smiling much. It is hard to do so when bad things happen. Puff ...
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Posted:  2/26 8:40pm
Chef Gordon Ramsay Savagely Roasts His Fans’ Cooking, and It’s Amazing  »  Unicorn Booty Gay Blog
Chef Gordon Ramsay Savagely Roasts His Fans’ Cooking, and It’s Amazing TV Chef Gordon Ramsay is more famous for his foul-mouthed insults than he is for his cooking. And on his Twitter account, he cheerfully hurls abuse at his adoring fans, to their utter joy. His fans frequently message him with pictures of dishes they’ve cooked and ask him for his opinion. He responds exactly the way he does on his shows: Hey @GordonRamsay visual quality good on my omelette? pic.twitter.com/TrQvwmB6i7 — parker estes (@HeroicFalcon) February 21, 2017 Looks like a rug pad…. https://t.co/6V2LEn793K — Gordon Ramsay (@GordonRamsay) February 21, 2017 But ...
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Posted:  2/26 6:00pm
Trump Reverses Obama’s Transgender Student Protections  »  Gay Rights - Do You Care2?
President Trump has officially rescinded the Obama administration's transgender student protections, asserting that these policies should be a matter of state rights. In a joint letter, the Department of Justice and the Department of Education issued notice that they were withdrawing the federal guidance to "further and more completely" investigate the "legal issues involved." ...
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Posted:  2/26 6:00pm
Underwear suggestion: Eppureluca – Matteo G-String  »  Men and Underwear
This underwear suggestion is sponsored by Eppureluca An incredibly sexy g-string for men is our underwear suggestion today. The Matteo G-String by Eppureluca is a creative underwear design that sits low around the hips and features a brilliant, metallic gold, elasticated waistband. The pouch is contoured and made from a super soft microfiber fabric. The sides are made from mesh leading to a fully open g-string back. A classy combination of gold with black. Would you wear it? ...
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Posted:  2/26 6:32pm
Embers  »  Deep First Thoughts for the Day
The other night I watched the movie "Embers". It was about a not too distant future where a disease had rendered most of the population without memory. In it we encounter various people and discover how they deal wiith their illness, but more tellingly how they interact with others in spite of it.There's the young couple who are in love. Every morning they wake up and don't know each other. Over the course of each new day they fall in love with each other again.There's the professor trying to figure out how to remember. Inventing clever ways to not forget. ...
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Posted:  2/26 7:00pm
An impressive Indonesian male model  »  Hot Asian Guys - hot Asian males, hot Asian studs, Asian male models, Asian male celebrities
Priyagung Luhur Wicaksono defined himself as an experienced model from Jakarta, Indonesia. He was one of L-Men 2011 contestant, didn't win at high position but he is truly the man that I was most impressed. 175cm height, 70kg comes with well-proportioned body, he should be an Indonesian guy who owns the most beautiful body I've ever seen. His advantage, as you see here and after, is photogenic face, that make every picture of him become beautiful with gorgeous handsome face. Chest, shoulder, 6 pack and his sexy legs, each of them I could give for 9/10 at ...
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Posted:  2/26 6:45pm
My tweets  »  An Extraordinary Life
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Posted:  2/26 5:00pm
Road Kill Road Warrior  »  BigBlackBlog
This was too bizarre for me not to post. A German man has created a biofuel which contains, of all things, dead cats, giving legions of car owners fed up with high gas prices a new reason to visit their local animal shelter. ...
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Posted:  2/26 4:00pm
3042. Viernes, 24 febrero 2017  »  Tantos hombres y tan poco tiempo
Capítulo Tresmilésimo cuadragésimo segundo: “Quienes piden lógica a la vida se olvidan que esta es solo un sueño. Y los sueños no tienen lógica”. (Amado Nervo, 1870-1919, poeta mexicano).¿Y qué autoestima alcanzará la señora o señorita si además del cumplido se pone a comer chocolate?Y otra pregunta (mucho menos importante): ¿De verdad tienen que gastarse el dinero haciendo estudios para llegar a semejantes (y obvias) conclusiones?... historias extra-ordinarias ...
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Posted:  2/26 10:30am
The Making of "Race Appeal"  »  This Week in Race
Temple University Press recently ran a two-part blog wherein we explained the inspiration for and process of researching and writing our new book, Race Appeal: How Candidates Invoke Race in U.S. Political Campaigns. In case you missed it, we're reprinting those for you below. Enjoy!StephenIt would only be a slight overstatement to say that my life changed when I met Charlton McIlwain in 2000. My world wasn’t shaken in the way that it was when I met my wife or witnessed the birth of my children, but my professional life over the past decade would certainly ...
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Posted:  2/26 10:00am