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my adelaide fringe picks 2017  »  yaniblog
The Fringe program dropped on Friday... after looking through the whole guide I ended up with a "shortlist" of 41 shows... that got culled down to about 34... and then this morning I went though them again, created a spreadsheet to work out my times (yes, I am that guy) and ended up with 22 shows on my final list.And can I say... there's a LOT of Shakespeare this year... maybe a dozen shows... which doesn't sound like a lot, but other years I've had to really scrounge to find anything. And there's a Macbeth in there... Signifying Nothing ...
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Posted:  12/4 12:30pm
photo saturday: xmas trees  »  yaniblog
These are the things I know to be true right now...
  • Ma will need to have an operation on her shoulder otherwise she'll never have full use of it back.
  • We don't know when that operation will be, but the sooner the better in the scheme of things.
  • The Fringe program went live yesterday and my first "shortlist" had 41 shows on it.
  • I'm taking time off between Christmas and New Year, the first time I've done that since I started back at The Nuthouse. I really need the break.
  • I signed the paperwork, so I'll be staying in my
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Posted:  12/3 6:06pm