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Or Maybe Not  »  Depressed Single Mother
I'm starting to get worried now. Maybe I shouldn't go to this group. There's the lesbian mother's group, and they meet on a Saturday afternoon, which I can't do because I've no babysitter. But there's another one called Rainbow Families that I could do, because it's for the children rather than the adults. They go on outings and such. So I'd be taking The Boy with me.I know it'd be good for The Boy. I know I'm a bad mother for even considering not going. But I feel ill. I can't stop shaking! I want to hide away. I think ...
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Posted:  12/14 6:30am
One Cube  »  Deep First Thoughts for the Day
I decided to go ahead and do Alessandro Beber's 'One Cube' origami design. Originally, I'd done only the background exercise and found it to be a little labor intensive But such is my relationship with folding paper. Just when I think I've had too much, I go in a little bit deeper.His instructions were clear and easy to follow, assuming you're already at least an intermediate folder who's pretty familiar with collapsing, crease patterns and tessellating.Here you can see the backlit version. Next is the front side unlit and then the rear.It's a pretty impressive creation when you ...
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Posted:  12/11 8:59am