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Or Maybe Not  »  Depressed Single Mother
I'm starting to get worried now. Maybe I shouldn't go to this group. There's the lesbian mother's group, and they meet on a Saturday afternoon, which I can't do because I've no babysitter. But there's another one called Rainbow Families that I could do, because it's for the children rather than the adults. They go on outings and such. So I'd be taking The Boy with me.I know it'd be good for The Boy. I know I'm a bad mother for even considering not going. But I feel ill. I can't stop shaking! I want to hide away. I think ...
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Posted:  4/27 5:45am
The Making of "Race Appeal"  »  This Week in Race
Temple University Press recently ran a two-part blog wherein we explained the inspiration for and process of researching and writing our new book, Race Appeal: How Candidates Invoke Race in U.S. Political Campaigns. In case you missed it, we're reprinting those for you below. Enjoy!StephenIt would only be a slight overstatement to say that my life changed when I met Charlton McIlwain in 2000. My world wasn’t shaken in the way that it was when I met my wife or witnessed the birth of my children, but my professional life over the past decade would certainly ...
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Posted:  4/24 4:45pm
An impressive Indonesian male model  »  Hot Asian Guys - hot Asian males, hot Asian studs, Asian male models, Asian male celebrities
Priyagung Luhur Wicaksono defined himself as an experienced model from Jakarta, Indonesia. He was one of L-Men 2011 contestant, didn't win at high position but he is truly the man that I was most impressed. 175cm height, 70kg comes with well-proportioned body, he should be an Indonesian guy who owns the most beautiful body I've ever seen. His advantage, as you see here and after, is photogenic face, that make every picture of him become beautiful with gorgeous handsome face. Chest, shoulder, 6 pack and his sexy legs, each of them I could give for 9/10 at ...
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Posted:  4/22 7:00pm
Organ Donation  »  Deep First Thoughts for the Day
I would like to be an organ donor. Just not in the traditional sense. I don't want to wait until I die in a car accident or am shot in the head. I want to donate my organs right now. Put me under anesthesia, harvest all that you can and then let me die. You can take my corneas, my heart, lungs, kidneys, bone marrow, blood. Liver's probably useless. But everything else is in good working order. I wonder if this is legal anywhere in the world. Suicide my organ donation. That has a nice ring to it. It seems ...
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Posted:  4/22 2:30pm
Penny Hudson – Finding Figaro (Guest Post)  »  ScuttlebuttReviews MM Romance and Gay Fiction
Finding Figaro, by Penny Hudson   Thanks for hosting me! I know a surprising amount of people who read romance, but will never admit it in public. It’s the most popular genre there is, so why not be open about it? It generates more than a billion dollars in sales every year. That’s billion with […] The post Penny Hudson – Finding Figaro (Guest Post) appeared first on ScuttlebuttReviews. ...
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Posted:  4/21 11:40pm