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Or Maybe Not  »  Depressed Single Mother
I'm starting to get worried now. Maybe I shouldn't go to this group. There's the lesbian mother's group, and they meet on a Saturday afternoon, which I can't do because I've no babysitter. But there's another one called Rainbow Families that I could do, because it's for the children rather than the adults. They go on outings and such. So I'd be taking The Boy with me.I know it'd be good for The Boy. I know I'm a bad mother for even considering not going. But I feel ill. I can't stop shaking! I want to hide away. I think ...
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Posted:  2/27 3:00pm
Ally Bank Mystery  »  Deep First Thoughts for the Day
So I tried to open an Ally bank account. I went to their website and clicked the open an account link and filled out the relevant info. At the end of the process I was merely given a page with a statement telling me my application had been received. No confirmation number, no further details on what I should expect next. Several days passed and I received no email confirmation or acknowledgement. I surmised that perhaps I would receive further details via snail mail. Then I got a voicemail from them asking me to call them at my earliest convenience. ...
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Posted:  2/26 3:45am
We're moving....  »  Eleanors Trousers
This blog has moved to Wordpress and can now be found here. There are a bunch of recent posts and an RSS feed. I hope you'll all come along for the ride....Always, Eleanor ...
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Posted:  2/24 6:30pm
The Making of "Race Appeal"  »  This Week in Race
Temple University Press recently ran a two-part blog wherein we explained the inspiration for and process of researching and writing our new book, Race Appeal: How Candidates Invoke Race in U.S. Political Campaigns. In case you missed it, we're reprinting those for you below. Enjoy!StephenIt would only be a slight overstatement to say that my life changed when I met Charlton McIlwain in 2000. My world wasn’t shaken in the way that it was when I met my wife or witnessed the birth of my children, but my professional life over the past decade would certainly ...
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Posted:  2/24 5:00am
Tere Michaels (Guest Post)  »  ScuttlebuttReviews MM Romance and Gay Fiction
Not Every Reader Is My Reader By Tere Michaels   When asked, here’s the one piece of advice I give to writers – Not Every Reader Is Your Reader. It’s a mantra I try to keep in mind as I’m writing and when the book is out of my hands and under the eyes of […] The post Tere Michaels (Guest Post) appeared first on ScuttlebuttReviews. ...
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Posted:  2/23 3:35am