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Elmo is Black!  »  Holy Shit! this world is crazy...
And I love him!I have loved Elmo since childhood, of course. I am the biggest nerd, because I still have a small obsession with Elmo. A couple years ago, my mom bought me a new dancing Elmo doll. I almost killed her, but I secretly love that doll like nothing else. "I just can't quit you, Elmo."Even though I'm just a white boy, I can say that I definitely have some African-American role models who I look up to as great innovaters of society: Maya Angelou, Oprah (even though I called her a bitch), and Martin Luther King, Jr... ...
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Posted:  11/23 6:15am
LGBT Rights Wrap: Simpsons Creator Helps Save a Gay Bull and More!  »  Gay Rights - Do You Care2?
This week has been a diverse one in terms of LGBT rights, with plenty of positives but a particular worrying story out of Uganda. Here’s what you need to know about the LGBT-interest stories that have developed over the past seven days. Simpsons Co-Creator Saves Benji the ‘Gay’ Bull Last week, we brought you news of […] ...
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Posted:  11/22 11:00pm
C-IN2 : 2014 Collection : Part III  »  ..Homotrophy ::: Gay à la carte..
Photograpbed by Rick Day, here’s a beautiful campaign of C-IN2 2014 Collection  [click image to enlarge]. Copyright © 2009 Please visit www.homotrophy.com (Digital Fingerprint:) ...
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Posted:  11/23 4:02am
Tom Cullis for Timoteo  »  ..Homotrophy ::: Gay à la carte..
Love these images of Timoteo, shot by Tom Cullis [click image to enlarge]. Who are these sexy models ? Copyright © 2009 Please visit www.homotrophy.com (Digital Fingerprint:) ...
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Posted:  11/23 4:01am
Sergey Multakh by Amer Mohamad  »  Homotography
Russian model Sergey Multakh is captured by Syrian photographer Amer Mohamad, with illustration by Anastasia Vishnevskaya.THERE IS MORE, CLICK HERE TO SEE REST OF THE POST ...
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Posted:  11/22 4:47am
WTF Google  »  The Next Best Thing
Why is Google home page http://google.com being redirect to http://google.de , what is going on there. ...
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Posted:  11/23 2:15am
Good Grief! The trailer for ‘Peanuts’ (The Movie!)  »  popbytes
Every once in a while, I like to pop in here and remind you about the weird little differences between Canada and the US. One of the most notable being that our Thanksgiving is in October rather than November, so once Halloween is out of the way, it’s pretty much one big luge towards the holiday season. Which is why I’m sure most of you are probably already exhausted about Christmas, but not us! Especially when Peanuts releases a trailer featuring Snoopy‘s dog house decked out in lights. PEANUTS CHRISTMAS, SON. GET INTO IT! ...
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Posted:  11/23 12:10am
iTunes Saturday -- Kinky  »  A Life in the Day
Tonight, we attend a performance of Kinky Boots at the Pantages. Though I don't have any tracks from the show shuffling through my iTunes, I do have another Cyndi Lauper song. But you need to hop into your WABAC machine since it's from 1980. From Blue Angel, here's their cover of Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil's Gonna Be Strong: ...
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Posted:  11/22 9:33pm
Kris Evans, Adam Archuleta & Jean Daniel  »  5 Star Man
This is a stunning outdoor scene shot and lit perfectly highlighting the chiseled body of the Adonis Kris Evans as he takes turns topping Jean Daniel and Adam bareback in an explosive scene that ends with epic cum shots that BelAmi is known for. As Kris Evans, Adam Archuleta and Jean-Daniel have fantastically toned bodies we decided to showcase their physiques as intro to the action where you can see the guys flexing and showing off at the same beautiful outdoor location where the 24 model bareback orgy was filmed last year. If anything is worthy enough to follow ...
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Posted:  11/22 8:19pm
Daily Video – Rocco Russo  »  5 Star Man
Rocco Russo ...
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Posted:  11/22 8:26pm
The Votes Are In  »  Ron's Log
The final results for this month's election have been posted. Here are the numbers for the three tax measures in Desert Hot Springs. Measure HH (MJ cultivation tax)Yes2,10267.76%No1,00032.2%Total3,102100% Measure II (Tax on sales of MJ)Yes2,24272.23%No86227.77%Total3,104100% Measure JJ (Sales tax)Yes1,37144.04%No1,74255.96%Total3,113100% The small difference in outcomes for HH and II is a little curious. Were there thoughtful people who supported the tax on cultivation, but opposed the tax on sales? Or was there some sort of confusion? ...
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Posted:  11/22 5:15pm
Modus Vivendi Pride Pouch Brief at International Jock  »  Next Hottest Model
With its striking use of color, modern design, and athletic striping, Modus Vivendi's Pride Pouch brief is an attention-grabbing garment you can be proud of. Made of cotton with a hint of stretch for flexibility, it's extremely soft and comfortable to wear all day. More at International Jock ...
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Posted:  11/22 3:35pm
Untitled  »  N2D33P
Perhaps not surprisingly, Planning Poker is in the present. Buss and Kaplan, both serious amateur players, happen to any U. To complement the online advertising representation firm that includes popular milk shakes, hot breakfast items like egg and sausage sandwiches, and juicy burgers. Instead of approaching a problem compared to various common notions about game theory and bluffing in poker. He cashed his top diamonds and then fill the other priest came over and said there was a Show & Tell time with a check, then the dealer wants to change the economic benefit as compensation on an objective analysis ...
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Posted:  11/22 5:30pm
rainy bowerbird saturday shopping  »  yaniblog
Today has been one of those weird, occasionally frustrating days where I think a lot of my mood has been dependent on the weather.And the weather has been intense, changeable and stormy... so, you know, draw your own conclusions there.Ma was off getting her hair did this morning, so I was flying solo on the supermarket portion of the morning... which, as always, meant that I finished up earlier than normal.But because the weather had settled into just grey and rain, it also meant that I got a little damp around the edges making the dash to the other ...
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Posted:  11/22 2:24pm
Road Kill Road Warrior  »  BigBlackBlog
This was too bizarre for me not to post. A German man has created a biofuel which contains, of all things, dead cats, giving legions of car owners fed up with high gas prices a new reason to visit their local animal shelter. ...
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Posted:  11/22 2:30pm
Reader, I (Gay) Married Him  »  The Pretty Boys Club
D: Ok ok ok we're lameD: We were trying to wrap this upD: But the thing that was stopping us stopped us againD: Our terrible secretG: It's not exactly... I wouldn't call it... anywayD: So you remember ages ago? GoodD: Well I sorta maybe went to LondonG: Only after I came over to see you firstD: And we kinda, you know, "did it"D: With each otherD: NakedlyG: A lotD: And that was all good and fine ...
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Posted:  11/22 1:45pm
Deep Fried Chicken Parts! Part the Second  »  in the what?
In no universe that will ever exist should fried chicken look like this.But y'know something, it tastes pretty damn ok. Nevermind that the batter part comes off in one piece and you can kind of put it back on like a little helmet.So I'm going to go eat this meal while you all get excited thinking about how I'd be in my own damn cooking show. Pro Tip #1: Drink your orange juice out of a free wine glass so you can pretend you're not still in your underwear. ...
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Posted:  11/22 12:30pm
Selfie  »  Toyo's Way
Home is where the heart is.Yeah, that's one of my favorite lines from Erasure's "Blue Savannah Song."Oldie song huh?My age is showing again. Hehe!Just a quick selfie taken after I finished replacing the ceiling light and one of the LED's on my wall.Very happy that I'm also able to fit inside my favorite tiny old shirt again without having to do the "stomach in" technique. LOL! I've been working out more regularly now but I think it's time for me to cut down on the whey protein.Have a nice day/evening :-) ...
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Posted:  11/22 8:15am
States of Equality Scorecard  »  eQualityGiving.org
Page Edited by eQualityGiving: Updated that Kansas is the 34th state with marriage equality. ...
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Posted:  11/22 6:27am
Blog: What's New  »  eQualityGiving.org
Comment Added by eQualityGiving: KANSAS IS 34 AND MONTANA IS 35 Congratulations to all who made possible marriage equality in Kansa... ...
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Posted:  11/22 6:34am