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A new start... a new website  »  Cornish Dreamer
If any readers still check this blog, I am sorry to have abandoned the site for some time. I have been working on many things: work, life, the usual things that have distracted me from blogging.I have started a new leaf, with new ideas and a clear goal to aim for. A totally new direction. I wondered if you would care to join me for the journey? If so, pop on over to www.livelifeexplore.co.uk and let me know what you think.All the best,Claire ...
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Posted:  12/6 5:45am
Or Maybe Not  »  Depressed Single Mother
I'm starting to get worried now. Maybe I shouldn't go to this group. There's the lesbian mother's group, and they meet on a Saturday afternoon, which I can't do because I've no babysitter. But there's another one called Rainbow Families that I could do, because it's for the children rather than the adults. They go on outings and such. So I'd be taking The Boy with me.I know it'd be good for The Boy. I know I'm a bad mother for even considering not going. But I feel ill. I can't stop shaking! I want to hide away. I think ...
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Posted:  12/5 1:30am
Cosas que no funcionan cuando no tienes privilegios  »  Lille Skvat
El mundo, este mundo, no funciona cuando no tienes privilegios. Punto. ...
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Posted:  12/4 10:19pm
Friday Crush: Cate Blanchett's Tribute  »  Fannie's Room
So, Cate Blanchett read a tribute to Amy Adams at the IFP Gotham Awards.Take a brief moment today, if you will, and imagine Cate Blanchett, Cate Blanchett who is also a master in in this profession, observing you at your job and then rendering such a compliment, below of which is only a snippet of what she says:"I marvel at Amy's indefatigable curiosity, as a performer. It's the best listening/acting in the business by a country mile. And I don't know how she does it. But Amy appears sort of porous on the screen, not just inhabiting emotional states, ...
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Posted:  12/3 4:45pm
'The language of shirkers and scroungers?' Talking about illness, disability and coalition welfare reform - Disability & Society  »  Through Myself and Back Again
Picture: protesters at today's 'Hardest Hit' march, carrying a sign which is partly written in Braille. It reads "We're being ---- by the government." Someone has written a translation of the Braille word below it: "shafted". Photo copyright Lisa Egan.Yesterday's discussion on the BBC's You and Yours was about disability, cuts and welfare reform, and featured Where's the Benefit's own Bendy Girl. Some contributors' comments offered a clear example of how attitudes to disability haven't really changed much since Victorian times - if not before. Some academic research recently published has been talking about how these ...
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Posted:  12/2 12:30am
Embers  »  Deep First Thoughts for the Day
The other night I watched the movie "Embers". It was about a not too distant future where a disease had rendered most of the population without memory. In it we encounter various people and discover how they deal wiith their illness, but more tellingly how they interact with others in spite of it.There's the young couple who are in love. Every morning they wake up and don't know each other. Over the course of each new day they fall in love with each other again.There's the professor trying to figure out how to remember. Inventing clever ways to not forget. ...
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Posted:  11/30 2:30pm
Election 2016 Fallout Part 8: On Internet Culture and Privacy  »  Fannie's Room
(8) On Internet Culture and Privacy.Today's I consider how Trump's Electoral College win was a victory for the very worst of Internet Culture. First, we have the man's social media presence itself. He was (is) notorious for taking to Twitter at all hours to peck out insults, demeaning nicknames he's bestowed upon people, and counter-attacks to any real or perceived slight against his eggshell-thin ego.About a year ago, The New York Times ran a profile of how Trump had "mastered" Twitter. Twitter was (is) the means by which he tapped into many people's basest, cruelest selves, as the ...
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Posted:  11/30 3:30am