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Untitled  »  Oak Park PFLAG
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Posted:  8/21 11:07pm
Friday Fun: That Sparring Session  »  Fannie's Room
My favorite Game of Thrones characters are as follows, in order:1) Arya Stark2) AshaYara Greyjoy3) Brienne of TarthYou can imagine my delight at the recent sparring sesh between Brienne and Arya:Brienne can hold her own against The Hound and Jamie Lannister, but can barely keep up with a much-smaller, much-less-experienced teenager? I don't see it as that far-fetched, actually, and certainly not in the grand scheme of things in Westeros about which we're asked to suspend our disbelief.In a Big v. Little fight, Arya shows that sometimes, counter-intuitively, it's safer to be in close. There, at least, she isn't at ...
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Posted:  8/20 7:30am
Recap: Supergirl 2.20 "City of Lost Children"  »  Fannie's Room
Guardian re-enters the picture this episode, having a bout of superhero angst. And, I don't blame him. What is this show even doing with James/Guardian? Supergirl is reaching Arrow-levels of "make every character a hero."Anyway, James apparently feels as though the people he saves are scared of him, while people are in awe of Superman and Supergirl. When an apparently evil telepathic alien comes into town, Guardian also seems to feel insecure about his lack of superpowers. Which, yeah, I suspect it is hard for humans to compete with flying, heat vision, ice breath, and super-strength.However, James' human skills are ...
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Posted:  8/16 6:45pm
Untitled  »  Welcome to the Bloghouse
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Posted:  8/16 2:00pm