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Tsukematsukeru  »  Bedtime Stories
Has it really been two decades since I left school?Seems like it must have been since the last time I saw Skinny Stacey, we were taking our last steps out of high school after our exam results. Or wait, it could have been a week later when we were slightly tipsy after downing drinks at our last school party. Though we hardly spent any time apart during Form Six, we drifted apart after that as we went our separate ways. Cellphones were still bulky extravagances, social media was still in its relative infancy back then and ICQ was a pain ...
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Posted:  10/21 2:45pm
Kira Kira Killer  »  Bedtime Stories
After the initial arrival misery and malaise, I usually bounce back from the terrible ordeal pretty rapidly. Not only do our travels not last very many days, we also usually have a really full schedule to cover.And let's face it, once I'm signed on for a holiday I'm usually pretty much indefatigable for the entire length of the trip, barring the occasional unforeseen affliction. Unlike the more sedentary Charming Calvin who prefers a more leisurely vacation of course.Therein lies the problem which is easily encapsulated by our vacation photos after. In the early mornings, he's usually the chipper robin while ...
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Posted:  10/16 7:45pm
The Telegraph - Spacemen return to earth - in Pictures  »  My Thoughts and Ideas
The Telegraph - Spacemen return to earth - in Pictures. Click onto the image or this link to view/read the photos/details. ...
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Posted:  10/16 2:30am