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The Telegraph - Spacemen return to earth - in Pictures  »  My Thoughts and Ideas
The Telegraph - Spacemen return to earth - in Pictures. Click onto the image or this link to view/read the photos/details. ...
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Posted:  3/24 1:45pm
Miss Independents III : D.I.M.  »  Bedtime Stories
Since I count most of them as my dearest friends, this wouldn't be the first time I've talked about Miss Independents. Not only is there a specific song written only for them, I've also added my two cents on the problem; just take a look at Part I and II. Probably wouldn't be the last post as well since they tend to come up with the most thought-provoking situations.A crucial theme common amongst them all is the remarkable notion that Miss Independents must do it all on their own. Not only does it feed into the inexplicable ...
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Posted:  3/23 9:15pm