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Trimming the Teenage Thicket  »  Bedtime Stories
Times have certainly changed. Coming from an all boys school, I can tell you that the eagerly awaited coming of puberty with the initial first spring of facial hair is greeted with much more than aplomb. Honestly the high school equivalent of a raucous street parade is thrown, along with well-wishing admirers all ready to admire that teeny-tiny sprig of negligible chin fluff.As all fastidious biology teachers are wont to explain not very long afterward, that brief onset of puberty is later follower by the lightning-quick advancement of hair growth in many other regions, from the armpits to the ...
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Posted:  4/25 3:00am
The Telegraph - Spacemen return to earth - in Pictures  »  My Thoughts and Ideas
The Telegraph - Spacemen return to earth - in Pictures. Click onto the image or this link to view/read the photos/details. ...
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Posted:  4/23 7:00pm