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Bunny Poo Poo Has Issues  »  That Guy's Blog
So Little Bunny Poo Poo has been the latest victim of our bad pet karma this year Since last summer he’s had bouts with GI stasis. This is when a rabbit’s gastrointestinal track gets messed up and they stop pooping and eating. Rabbits always have to eat, otherwise bad stuff happens. He went through another recently, but this one was worse than ever. He also started having pee pee issues. After many expensive tests, it turned out he had a bladder stone the size of a marble. No joke, I saw it on the x-ray. It wasn’t going ...
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Posted:  9/29 4:37am
Patterns  »  Deep First Thoughts for the Day
the path becomes her. soft walls crumble and smother. it's loud. like thunder. and soft like rain. the arithemetic of how. the division of want. glorious slaves assembling their feeble rebellions. such is the nature of progress. all red lights and sirens. in a chaos of silence. the angry dog at the window. the blind man on the sidewalk. they are the same. thread in a needle. chasing a missing knot. each moment is a dagger. every voice is a noose. touch is murder. but the real crime is forgetting. ...
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Posted:  9/25 6:00am