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Twenty-Seven Arrested At NYC Protest  »  OutOnTheNet Blog
Source: ACT UPDate: March 30, 2007NEW YORK CITY -- ­ 27 people were arrested yesterday during a protest demanding health care for all, single-payer national health insurance, and drug price controls in the United States. Nearly a thousand attended the protest in downtown New York City, which commemorated ACT UP's 20th anniversary of AIDS activism and direct action.After marching through various downtown sites, the activists converged on the Wall Street Bull statue in the financial district. Chanting, "No more bull! Health care for all," the group brought out 50 body bags, symbolizing the 50 Americans who die each ...
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Posted:  1/25 11:45pm
Amazingly Enough: Lost And Found – Glub, Glub, Glub…  »  imagination is intelligence with an erection
(from M.Christian's Meine Kleine Fabrik):Cool! Check out this brand new installment of my on-going series for Amazing Stories - this time on the tragic submergence of Mologa:The tale of Mologa is singularly odd … as well as tragic … even in the always odd and periodically tragic domain of the lost.Things, as you are more than aware – especially if you’ve been following this little series – go missing.  Paintings, books, films, people … just a little bit of research brings up a remarkable catalog of lost treasures.  Some, like the legendary Amber Room, make a twisted kind of sense in ...
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Posted:  1/23 2:33am
This Wednesday: Polyamory: How To Love Many And Well At Center For Sex And Culture  »  imagination is intelligence with an erection
(from M.Christian's Classes And Appearances)This is gonna be fun - see you there!Polyamory: How To Love Many And WellSure, you've heard of it - and maybe have been intrigued by it - but what is polyamory and how do you love more than one person and make it work? How can you deal with jealousy, time-management, emotional rough patches, and more to enter into multiple sexual relationships? In this class, participants will learn to separate the myths from the realities of polyamory, how to make tentative steps towards having more than one partner, and how to approach and deal ...
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Posted:  1/21 2:05am