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I really do like working with WordWooze Publishing - and here's an opportunity for you folks to follow all the cool things they are up to by subscribing to their  newsletter!Here's the info - in a letter from the man himself, Jim Loftin: I would like to inform you of Wordwooze Publishing’s response to Amazon’s new review vetting policy. We are supplementing our practice of sending potential reviewers pdf or mobi copies by scheduling days when our books are free on Amazon, which allows reviewers to “purchase” the book and have their reviews display on Amazon as a “verified ...
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Posted:  7/25 1:40am
Finger's Breadth the Audiobook - Out Now!  »  imagination is intelligence with an erection
(from M.Christian's Queer Imaginings)This is beyond cool: the great folks at WordWooze Publishing has just released a complete audiobook of my queer/horror/erotic/thriller/Scifi novel Finger’s Breadth (and the ebook version is also available from Sizzler Editions).You can pick up the audiobook here and the ebook here.Erotic. Terrifying. Fascinating. Disturbing. Intriguing. Haunting…. You have never listened to a book like Finger’s Breadth.The cutter is haunting the streets of near-future San Francisco, drugging random queer men and amputating the tip of their little finger.But so much worse than this brutality is how fear transforms the city, revealing the inescapable nature of society…and the darkest ...
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Posted:  7/24 10:10pm
Twenty-Seven Arrested At NYC Protest  »  OutOnTheNet Blog
Source: ACT UPDate: March 30, 2007NEW YORK CITY -- ­ 27 people were arrested yesterday during a protest demanding health care for all, single-payer national health insurance, and drug price controls in the United States. Nearly a thousand attended the protest in downtown New York City, which commemorated ACT UP's 20th anniversary of AIDS activism and direct action.After marching through various downtown sites, the activists converged on the Wall Street Bull statue in the financial district. Chanting, "No more bull! Health care for all," the group brought out 50 body bags, symbolizing the 50 Americans who die each ...
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Posted:  7/20 7:00pm