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thesis crisis  »  modern monk
33 days left ...
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Posted:  6/18 4:45pm
Untitled  »  Welcome to the Bloghouse
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Posted:  6/18 2:45pm
Pink Houses  »  Ron's Log
I visited these houses in L.A. that have been painted entirely pink, pending their demolition. NBC had a story about them. Complete set of photos here. ...
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Posted:  6/18 6:40am
Isn't this where...  »  Keeping it Brief
Ok, so why, after my grand announcement, haven't I posted a goddam thing?  Huh?  Huh? Shut up! is why. I'm kinda frakking busy. Aaanyway, I did decide to do one thing.   Now, through the power of Blogger, I have finally merged all my posts from these three scattered Blogs into The ONE. Yes, the Original Blog, the One that was always meant to be the One.  Due to the technical limitations of the time, I had to make concessions which I know wish to rectify. Therefore, I hired LucasFilm and THX to seamlessly move all my posts from Keeping it Brief and Ready ...
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Posted:  6/18 1:30am
Recap: Supergirl 2.13 "Mr. & Mrs. Mxyptlk"  »  Fannie's Room
Okay, this one was odd.It's Valentine's Day and a fifth-dimensional being, Mxyptlk, visits Kara and tells her that he's going to marry her. Fifth-dimensional beings have the ability to warp our reality and bend it to their whims. Except, they can't make people in our dimension fall in love with them. For reasons.The physics of it aren't clear. Kara says no, multiple times, but Mxy doesn't take no for an answer. He snaps his fingers and Kara appears in Vera Wang and Mxy vows to get her to change her mind. And then he disappears. Charming (not charming). Anyway, ...
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Posted:  6/18 1:15am
We're moving....  »  Eleanors Trousers
This blog has moved to Wordpress and can now be found here. There are a bunch of recent posts and an RSS feed. I hope you'll all come along for the ride....Always, Eleanor ...
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Posted:  6/17 9:15pm
Dima Gornovskyi by Sonny Tong  »  Oh yes I am
Dima Gornovskyi photographed by Sonny Tong.Click here to read the rest of the post ...
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Posted:  6/17 7:30pm
My tweets  »  An Extraordinary Life
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Posted:  6/17 4:00pm
Binders Full of Women  »  American Agenda
The only idiot who makes that comment is one that actually has binders full of women. Misogynist pig. Any woman who votes for these idiots should be unequivocally ashamed. ...
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Posted:  6/17 12:30pm